Bodegas Portia, designed by Norman Foster, is one of the finest wineries in the world according to international press.

They are located in the heart of Ribera del Duero wine region.

A building is the slow process of bringing an idea to fruition, of giving it foundations so that it supports itself in the air. The building rises out of the landscape, which will be the home, the habitat and the anteroom for emigration out into the world, in different forms, of the product which is made there.


The building´s greatest success lies in the perfect functionality of its different areas, optimised through the use of noble materials, perfectly set out from the centre of this star which has risen from the earth.

The winery has been built in concrete, wood, steel and glass. Its 12,500 square metres in total are spread over three floors in the form of a star whose three points correspond to the different areas of vinification, fermentation and ageing. The central section, where the hopper for the harvested grapes are located over, also acts as a coordinating centre, including a shop, a tasting room, and auditorium, a meeting room and café.




The vineyard is the origin of our wines. Bodegas Portia owns 160 hectares in the area of Roa, Gumiel de Izán, Villanueva and Gumiel de Mercado, in the heart of Ribera del Duero.

The land is essential, from where our wines are born, a land which provides a number of wines which have temperament and personality with an intensely aromatic profile and violet tones on a slightly sticky and smooth palate, a consequence of extreme climate with autumnal and even spring frosts and long cold winters.

Bodegas Portia offers an excellent range of wines, some of them have been awarded in prestigious international wine contests.

  • Ebeia Roble
  • Portia Crianza
  • Portia Prima
  • Triennia

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