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House Sicily Origins

HeretatdeCesilia2“Antigua Heretat Casa Sicilia 1.707” or “Casa Sicilia 1707” is a wine domain heir of a long agricultural tradition, one of these heretats were so called productive by the historian James Casey, who explains in his book “Kingdom of Valencia” in the 17th century , how they began to unite the traditional subsistence of farming with the commercial one, being the port of Alicante the main resource of the kingdom.

Alicante was the gateway of excellent wines of the region and its vicinity, which included those of the Vinalopó valley and, of course, those from Novelda.


Heretat de Sicilia, which during centuries of existence has been being called, as the town where it is located: Heretat, Secilia, Caecilia, Sesilia, Sisilia…., was created by the Marques de la Romana in 1.707.

HeretatdeCesilia1However, on the vineyards located in the town of Sicily, there are already written references dating back to the 16th century, as it is evident from the documents kept in the Municipal Archives of Novelda (book “Contestador” of the year 1574).

Farm house Casa Sicilia extends by four spots in Novelda: Alcaydías, Ledua, La Mola and Sicily, and is located in a congost, to a short distance where it stands the hill of “La Mola”, in which are located the sanctuary of St. Mary Magdalene and the castle of La Mola with an ancient defensive tower of single origin almogavers.

With a clear concept of modernity in their vineyards and winery, and with a dedicated and professional team, Casa Sicilia is developing an ambitious wine project, recovering the traditions and culture of the previous centuries, with the objective of positioning themselves between the high quality referents in the wine panorama.


Ecological cultivation

Organic farming and our motivations

HeretatdeCesilia3The quality of a particular wine comes not only from the work carried out in the winery, but it also depends on the dedication, care and love deposited in each of the steps involved in the process of production, from the cultivation to bottling.

The vision has to be more comprehensive, more global. The main goal is to hold on in the wines the imprint of the Mediterranean terroir.

This ideology of the “wine of terroir” cannot live without a respect for the environment. This is why the work begins rejecting all pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and avoiding intensive production, against a more balance and more sustainable production for the soils.

Casa Sicilia 1707 has opted for quality, i.e. the practice of organic farming in and a normalized and respectful production environment, allowing us to obtain remarkable singularity wines, deeper flavor, with more personal expression, in short, “wines with soul”.

In addition to certify organic farming with the CAE (Committee of organic farming of the Agriculture Government of Valencia), Casa Sicilia is also today undergoing implantation of ISO 14001: 04 (environment), along with the ISO 22000: 2005, which guarantees the safety of the food produced.




You can visit the winery, they have a special guided tour to know the history, the natural growing and harvesting methods they used in the vineyard, how they produce their wines and, of course, a wine tasting.

They have English guided tours, so you won’t have to practice your Spanish 😉

You have 3 options:

1. Classic guided tour
Visit the ancient farmhouse, vineyards, winery and a final wine tasting of 3 wines: Azal white, Cesilia Rosé and Ad Gaude Heretat red.
2. Tapas & Wine
Classic guided tour + complete selection of tapas
3. Wine & Lunch
Classic guided tour + lunch at the Casa Sicilia restaurant, located in the winery.


The ‘2014 prices begin at 6€ for the Classic guided tour and 10 and 29 € for the other two options.
It is mandatory to book your tour in advanced.
They don´t have a minimum of people for the tours, you can even go alone if you want.
The length of the tour is 45 minutes and can be done either in Spanish or in English. You choose.
Here’s the winery link information: Casa Sicilia Enotourism


Click here to visit the winery website: www.casasicilia1707.es

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