Ad Gaude Heretat 2008This spectacular wine is produced from a combination of 4 grape varieties:

Monastrell, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot.

Casa Sicilia makes magic from this grapes harvested manually in a +50 years-old vineyard.
Each vine gives just 1 kg of grapes, so imagine the concentration of them, carrying all the regional aromas of the fields and forests of Alicante.


The wine is elaborated using old and natural processes minimizing the use of automated production.

It’s aged for 12 months in wooden barrels from France (70%), Eastern Europe (20%) and America (10%).
These three different kinds of wood give the wine the different tastes and aromas.


Ad Gaude Heretat 2008 1

It’s a dark-red and brilliant wine. You can smell some spices such as cinnamon or eucalyptus.
The taste is well balanced having an elegant sweet & tannin finish.
A long-lasting taste, perfect to have with lamb or turkey.

Don’t panic with its 14.5% alcohol. It’s really smooth.

And the price?

You can get it for less than 10€ in the winery or online shop. Great price, isn’t it? 🙂


Our recommendation is to visit their winery. We did it and it was a great experience for us. [read the post]

Must visit!

Ad Gaude Heretat 2008 2