Each September Bodegas Faelo celebrates the yearly Harvest Party celebrating a Wine Party known in spanish as “La fiesta de la vendimia” (or “Festa de la Verema” in Valencian, that’s why the #hashtag is #FestaVeremaFaelo)

What is “La fiesta de la vendimia”?

The harvest party (#festaveremafaelo) is a special day which the winery opens his doors to everybody. You can look and participate, pressing the grapes, like the first generation did more than 100 years ago even with the same tools.

The “Festa de la verema” is a public event with free admission in where come people from all the province of Alicante, to see how they collect the grapes by hand and then how they press them with the feet, with the typical shoes called “alpargatas” dancing with the rhythm of a constant dance. People can board on the vessel where the grapes are trodden; the “afollaor” or “afonador” and participate in this “fiesta”, also you will see how we press the grapes in the centenary manual press where we extract all the colour from the grape.

At the same time we will offer tasting of local products from the countryside of Elche and wine from “Bodegas Faelo” to recover after the pressing.

What activities will we offer?

“Bodegas Faelo” is a traditional winery but with a young spirit, this #festaveremafaelo, we would like that young people, families and kids could participate of this day with us, like a big family…For this we have prepared different activities:

Open day; where you can visit our winery.

-Traditional press with the feet.

-Tasting of local products from the countryside of Elche + a glass of wine (white, rosé, red or sweet) 1,50€.

-Game: grape-pressing of the moon of #BodegasFaelo with gifts for the kids.

-Live Music by the group Emdiv Djs playing songs from Spanish indie-pop groups.

-Harvest 2.0 throught the social-networks and photo’s competition with direct presents.

-Free Wifi

-Indie-pop Music area




WHEN: 19th September of 2014 from 10:00 to 14:00

WHERE: Camino de los Coves, Ptda. Matola, Pol. 3, nº 18, 03296 Elche (Alicante)


For further information, visit Bodegas Faelo website at VinosLaDama.com